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We’re proud to be a Thrivent Choice®- enrolled organization.

Through the Thrivent programs, we are eligible to receive grant dollars, fee-free donations, and support from Thrivent Action Team service projects.

To learn more about Thrivent’s membership benefits and generosity programs visit thrivent.com/generosity

What is Thrivent Choice?

Thrivent Choice is a giving program that let’s members help choose where Thrivent Financial gives back.

Members can participate in one or two ways:

 Voting: All benefits and associate members will be eligible to “vote” to distribute a portion of Thrivent Financial’s charitable funds among a short list of national charities (Lutheran and non-Lutheran), one to two times per year.
Choice Dollars: Approximately 30% of benefit members will be able to direct Thrivent Choice Dollars to thousands of Lutheran nonprofit organizations, including Lutheran congregations. (Approximately 75% of past participants in the GivingPlus program will be eligible to direct Choice Dollars.)

**Eligibility for Choice Dollars is based on a member’s insurance premiums, account values, and volunteer leadership.

Most eligible benefit members will be able to direct between $25 and $100, and some may be able to direct as much as $500.


Support LuHi, Support Thrivent Choice

For the most current updates, visit the Thrivent website.