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We are committed to nurturing future leaders, grounded in Christian values and prepared to succeed in college and in life.

Holistic Education for Leadership Development

Faith-Based Learning Environment

Preparation for Real-World Success

Fostering Faith, Excellence, and Leadership

character and their competency 1
character and their competency 1

Many parents today are concerned about their children’s future... concerned that they will not be prepared for the challenges that lay ahead... challenges to their faith, their character and their competency.

At LUHI, we believe that character matters. Christian values matter. And it is our mission as parents and educators to guide and nurture our students into the fearless leaders that they were meant to be.

At LUHI, we believe that character matters 1
At LUHI, we believe that character matters 3
character and leadership in every area of life 1
character and leadership in every area of life 2

That is why today, LUHI Graduates are recognized and sought after not just for their academic excellence in the classroom, but for their values, character and leadership in every area of life.

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The Lutheran High School Way

Holistic Education for Leadership

At LUHI, we believe in nurturing future leaders. Our holistic approach to education develops not just academic prowess but also strong leadership skills grounded in Christian values, preparing students to lead with integrity in both their professional and personal lives.

Faith-Based Learning Environment

Our faith-based learning environment is designed to strengthen spiritual understanding and practice. Through a curriculum that interweaves academic learning with Christian principles, students at LUHI grow in both knowledge and faith, ready to make a positive impact in the world.

Preparation for Real-World Success

We equip our students for success beyond the classroom. By integrating real-world applications and Christian perspectives into our curriculum, LUHI ensures that students are not only academically prepared but also morally and ethically equipped to face life's challenges with confidence and compassion.

Kiersten O

Student Testimonial

"The student-to-teacher ratio really works well in the classroom. You're able to build relationships with your teachers and as students you feel comfortable asking them for help, you feel comfortable going to them if you have a problem. For me, just being able to go to a teacher and feel comfortable, makes school,in general, just so much easier."

Kiersten O., Class of 2021

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At LUHI, we believe that character matters 2

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"The dedication of the teachers and staff to provide a Christian environment and education to the students is truly amazing and a blessing."

Brenna Landrey, Parent, Auburn, IL.

"Our boys live 45 minutes away from LuHi, but seeing how happy they are to go to school, be involved in sports, and other extra-curricular activities, it's worth the drive!"

Darin gehrke, Parent, Jacksonville, IL.

Gerhke Family